Gil the Honda Crab and some of his pals

This is a campaign I worked on for about three years for the Honda Element.We tested for this job early on , in fact it came in as a bid for a local commercial ,went away for a year and then miraculously came back as a series of national spots.The agency came to us with a couple of pieces of art and some scripts.At first the scripts seemed pretty minimal ,too dry even, but then we realized it was about timing and in particular, awkward pauses .So we wracked our brains for a film or TV show that would have an appropriate dialog style for a scratch track .It was my pal Nathan that came up with "Chuck and Buck",a film with truly squirm-worthy dialog and timing.That scratch track along with an appropriatly quirky bit of after -fx puppetry of a donkey and an element ,by my pal Erica,landed us the campaign.
Believe it or not each of these spots was boarded and timed out first .They might appear to be radio plays with cut out photos but we actually did work hard to push the timing to support the very well written scripts.

This was from their "urban" campaign , there was some nervousness about the sneakers on the
wire and gang implications.