Timecrimes,a.k.a. Los cronocrimienes -great Spanish /suspense /time travel movie.Full of shame,guilt and remorse.If you are ever considering entering a time machine ,PLEASE watch this movie first.These are quick ruffs I drew while watching this fantastic movie alone.

Story Test

I found this child's space helmet in a thrift store about a million years ago, and if you squeeze it in the middle,it can accommodate even my enormous melon.

Sound Lab Pitch

This was a series of key frames I did for the kind people of Bonfire,it was for a pitch for an instructional film with a scientist spokesperson in the style of my virgin video(sort of) for an unnamed sound laboratory.I enjoy working in this unfinished goofy style,no clean-up necessary,unfortunately we did not get this one.

Design for Cut-Out Animation

Then I frantically "acquired "images.

Here is what I sent ,the clients liked it but it never happened ,mmmmm horse sandwich with cowboy condiment.

radio shack "chemist"

This was a character background design job I recently enjoyed doing for a groovy local agency called Butler,Shine,Stern and Partners for a Radio Shack commercial.The job was "puppet style" animation in after fx with an etching look for the design.
These are the first drawings I did for the chemist character.
The character became this guy,although his hands were too cartoony and later refined .
This was the chemists background I designed,at this point everything was approved so I made replacement hand and face poses and the spot was animated .
Then somebody decided the spot looked too tame so it was literally "back to the drawing board "I was directed to reference Einstein ,Walter Matthau and Christopher Lloyd.
Einstein won but his hair and beard had to be crazied up.I drew all the stuff in this spot except the smoke ,the hamsters and their bycicles.

This post explosion cat didn't make the cut .