Coke Citra - Bull

Another Coke Citra commercial for my favorite Mexican clients. Dave Feiss animated the majority of the spot and designed the bull. I directed, story boarded and designed the humans.

Coke Citra - Ninja

This was a TV commercial we did for Mexican clients (who were the best clients EVER). They just wanted to cram in as many gags as 30 seconds would allow. I also got to work with the great Dave Feiss who animated almost the entire spot (one scene by the also great Dave Vandervoort) and designed the ninjas and the hero's body. I directed, storyboarded and designed the good guys and the hero's head.

my rejected hero design

my good guys designstoryboards


I had the extreme privilege and honor to be able to work on THE Dave Feiss's I AM WEASEL , the 7 minute companion show to Dave's COW AND CHICKEN show .The premise of this episode was that Weasel must save a town from the over powering stink of some pet pigs owned by his nemesis, I. R. Baboon .

crocodiles and monkeys for Laika

Here are some" first pass ","realistic" but caricaturized monkeys and crocodile designs for an unnamed commercial stop motion project for my pals up at Laika.My brief was brief, - the monkey is a bartender and the crocodile is the customer.

cavemen for Emc thru Ffake

These are some rejected cave spokesperson designs for a character that was supposed to inform employees of the EMC corp. on the benefits and pitfalls of social networks.The winning design ended up looking a lot more "evolved than these fine gentlemen."