Various Character Designs

Pitch for anti smoking product,stop-motion

 Illustration style for data storage product.
Hanna Barbara style for Canadian safety video parody.
 Enforcer for friends gangster short film.
 Rough for Dolby Lab .
 East Indian wrestler.
 Retired country singer for TV pitch.
 20 something Medusa for Saki ad.
 Slacker Cyclops for Saki ad.
Pitch for credit card app , stop-motion.
 Pitch for credit card app,stop-motion.
 Empowered, holistically minded woman for a biotech ad.
 Rough for Snowboarding-Soda-spokesman.
 Illustration style for pain relief.
 Another rough for Dolby Labs.
 East Indian wrestler with an ample diaper.
 Rough African American stage mom for TV pitch.
 Another Paris-Hilton-esque Medusa for a Saki spot.
 Stop-motion-credit-card-app-dude collaged from product parts.
 Stop=motion-hipster-fairy-spokesman for a meat product pitch.
 Stop-motion-Ronin-spokesman for a meat product pitch.
Another Stop-motion-fairy-spokesman for a meat product pitch.

Development storyboards for a short film with polar bears

It has been about 2 years since I was invited by the fabulous John Stevenson to work on development boards for a short film that was to be used to pitch for a feature.

These are examples of rough gag boards we did before we had a script or character designs.

Our marching orders were " the animals talk,but other than that they behave like "real" animals and use 3d cameras as much as possible to emphasize the vastness of the landscape.