not so scary robot

Trying out "wet edges and RobertValley's noise trick on super rough thumbnail.

Live action beat boards

 These are preliminary boards that were done for a live action spot for a sentimental plush toy with a minimal amount of direction.These represent an early stage in the process(no script,no story.)The purpose of this stage of boards is to present ideas for shots and set ups so a conversation about schedule budget and story can START.These kind of "beat" boards need to be done quickly and without refinement because with so little direction,there is no way to know what is going to be kept or discarded

Various Character Designs

Pitch for anti smoking product,stop-motion

 Illustration style for data storage product.
Hanna Barbara style for Canadian safety video parody.
 Enforcer for friends gangster short film.
 Rough for Dolby Lab .
 East Indian wrestler.
 Retired country singer for TV pitch.
 20 something Medusa for Saki ad.
 Slacker Cyclops for Saki ad.
Pitch for credit card app , stop-motion.
 Pitch for credit card app,stop-motion.
 Empowered, holistically minded woman for a biotech ad.
 Rough for Snowboarding-Soda-spokesman.
 Illustration style for pain relief.
 Another rough for Dolby Labs.
 East Indian wrestler with an ample diaper.
 Rough African American stage mom for TV pitch.
 Another Paris-Hilton-esque Medusa for a Saki spot.
 Stop-motion-credit-card-app-dude collaged from product parts.
 Stop=motion-hipster-fairy-spokesman for a meat product pitch.
 Stop-motion-Ronin-spokesman for a meat product pitch.
Another Stop-motion-fairy-spokesman for a meat product pitch.

Development storyboards for a short film with polar bears

It has been about 2 years since I was invited by the fabulous John Stevenson to work on development boards for a short film that was to be used to pitch for a feature.

These are examples of rough gag boards we did before we had a script or character designs.

Our marching orders were " the animals talk,but other than that they behave like "real" animals and use 3d cameras as much as possible to emphasize the vastness of the landscape.