Financial Animation

A couple of years ago I was working as an in house "video art director" for a financial institution.I mostly designed lots of variations of  logos and graphics that were looked at by a lot of people in a lot of different departments.Stuff like this...

Then I returned to the the freelance pool and I started doing storyboards for internal spots for the 

same institution,like this...
Here is my attempt at illustrator style designs for the same financial institution.
Finally some live action boards done with a quick turn-around for that  same financial institution

Octopus Host Character Design ...

...for a series of stop motion commercials for an unnamed T shirt company.


In order to do our part to DESTROY THE ORANGE MENACE a small group of us ,through Ffake LLC ,volunteered to make this instructional .
From phone call to delivery in just TWO WEEKS.
Editing composting and producing by PAUL GOLDEN.I boarded and designed.

not so scary robot

Trying out "wet edges and RobertValley's noise trick on super rough thumbnail.

Live action beat boards

 These are preliminary boards that were done for a live action spot for a sentimental plush toy with a minimal amount of direction.These represent an early stage in the process(no script,no story.)The purpose of this stage of boards is to present ideas for shots and set ups so a conversation about schedule budget and story can START.These kind of "beat" boards need to be done quickly and without refinement because with so little direction,there is no way to know what is going to be kept or discarded