Animax ID's

From deep in the vault...
yet another American client who wanted a Japanese look for Japanese clients but only wanted to work with an American production company .This time the client was Animax , a Japanese animation channel that needed I.D.'s .
The theme for this one was" pre-school/ romance".

This is one of my rejected girl designs, the flawless Osamu Tsuruyama ,our authentic Japanese "ringer ",ended up designing all the humans ,doing most of the layouts and animating a large portion of these ID's.
My attempt at a Miyazki inspired creature design .

The theme of this one was "pre- school /action".

This rotating spaceship was hand animated by none other than that Smokin' genius ... J.Garrett Sheldrew .

The theme for this one was "grade-school /action"

My robot monster.

....and "grade-school/ romance" .