Virgin America - Safety Video

This is my most "high profile" job, simply because of the captive audience. I conceived, directed, storyboarded, character designed (about half of the characters), and with a lucky break, did the voice over narration. Finished in spring '07, great clients, great agency (Anomaly), a reasonable schedule, and a production crew of geniuses at wildbrain.Here's a new bit of press.

Sake Commercial

This is a commercial I directed for the mighty Special Agent Productions for a dream Japanese client.This was great fun and I am eternally grateful to the talented Mike Overbeck and Tim Blair for the terrific character and effects animation.My brother did the music and I did the boards,the layouts and the design.This job had a small budget and a generous schedule and there is no one to blame for the weird story but me.

Hubert's Brain

This was an in house 17 min. CG short directed by the mighty Phil Robinson in 2001. It was quite an ambitious endeavor for plucky little wild brain and a terrific experience for me. I got to write the first beat sheet and later some dialog, I was the co - director, art director and one of the storyboard artists.

The first drawings of Hubert.
For some reason everybody boarded at thumbnail size.